Mind and Body Detox

Regular Consultations

Guided classes on our private beach or garden, under the palms, will re-energise and prepare you for your coming back to every day life.


All food and drinks are prepared from fresh and natural fruit and vegetables. We will prepare you daily meals with healthy snacks and refreshing drinks.

Your stay in Thailand

8 Days

on Koh Chang Island

2 Days

in Bangkok Capital City

When you arrive on international Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand, by plane, you will be picked up by minivan and be driven on a Koh Chang island. There you’ll be able to refresh and rest. On Koh Chang island, you will be staying in villa for up to 6 people, with one king or queen size bedroom and shared bedroom. There you will have activities and classes by program. After eight days staying on island, we will return to Bangkok where you will be able to go around with us, to visit main attractions and shopping areas. After two night you will be escorted back to Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, to return home.

What is included in our price:


  • return flight ticket to Bangkok
    + one check in luggage
    + one hand luggage
  • all transfers by programme (minivan, ferry…)

Deluxe Villa Accommodation

  • deluxe accommodation on beachfront villa
  • housekeeping
  • toiletries & towels
  • infinity pool
  • private beach
  • free Wi-Fi

Boutique style Aparthotel

  • new air conditioned apartments in Bangkok
  • fitness area
  • endless swimming pool
  • altitude chamber (50.000 ft)
  • sauna
  • juice bar

Fitness & Workouts

  • morning beach workouts
  • power & strength class
  • customised training sessions

Meditation & Stretching

  • daily yoga sessions
  • evening beach meditation class

Organic Plant Based Food

  • healthy & clean seasonal menu with superfoods
  • vegetarian or vegan
  • gluten & wheat free
  • daily fresh juices and smoothies
  • post workout shakes and supplements (free optional)

Orientation & Consultations

  • pre-arrival guide, induction & orientation
  • eating habbits discusion
  • health & fitness consultation
  • body composition analysis

SPA & Recovery Treatments

  • 6x thai massage
  • 1x ayurveda or reflexology/foot massage

Guided tours

  • trekking & bathing with elephants
  • snorkelling trip (half day)
  • 2 nights in the city on island (fire show)
  • full day private tour in Bangkok for sightseeing & shopping (free optional)

Mind and Body Detox

Detox program, will take care for your mind and body, to clean it from every day stress. With this program, you will enjoy healthy food based on vegetables and fish. Every day you will receive loads of fresh juices and smoothies to boost you with vitamins and minerals.

Why Join Us On Season Detox Holidays

You and your best friend, will stay in bedroom with one king or queen sized bed with private bathroom on Koh Chang island villa and also in a bedroom with one king sized bed in Bangkok.

For staying alone in one bedroom, you will be charged 300 GBP extra.

Benefits of Mind and Body Detox

Fresh juices
Healthy food
Thai massages

About Mind and Body Detox

Finally take time out for yourself and Get A Fresh Start!

It’s time for a re-set, a re-charge. It’s time to forget about work, forget about commitments and daily stress.
If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to rejuvenate your Mind & Body, while actively detoxing yourself into great shape…

Then “Mind & Body Detox” is exactly what you need.

Pushing yourself too hard, for too long, has probably left you burned-out and in desperate need of a good healthy break.

That’s why we designed a Detox Program!

It effectively pushes your “re-set” button, re-charges your batteries and releases you back into the world feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and renewed.

Detox Program with Season Detox Holidays

I don’t need to tell you how stressful modern day life can be, and that stress takes its toll. Couple that with the pesticides in the foods we eat, too much sugar, too little time off and never really taking a real break from everyday life.
It’s no wonder we feel tired, stress-out and moody!

So if you feel ready to turn a new leaf, relax and rejuvenate, while renewing your mind and body — then join us at this holidays, because this is for you!

The main benefit of this program is it re-sets, re-charges and re-energises your life! But that’s just the beginning.

Get ready for some major benefits bestowed on your Mind, Body and Spirit when you choose this exciting journey for yourself. Get ready for a slimmer, leaner body. Get ready for a clear, focused mind and get ready to look and feel AMAZING!

If you’ve been feeling tired or sluggish, lacking in motivation and uninspired, this program will give you a much needed kick-start wake-up-call!

If you’ve burned yourself out, working too hard and at all hours, this program will snap you back into a sharp and rejuvenated state!

If you’ve been moody, perhaps low or no libido, this program will ramp up your energy and perhaps put you back in the mood!

While we’re certainly not saying this program is some kind of “cure-all”, because it isn’t. We’re always pleasantly surprised when we hear all kinds of fantastic benefits our guests are receiving.

Here’s some of the scientific ones, but their are many more:
  • increased energy
  • strengthened immune system
  • improved circulation
  • cleansed liver
  • increased sex drive
  • regulated bowel movements
  • reduced stress
  • detoxified organs
  • improved digestion
  • balanced hormones
  • healthy weight loss




sharing in king size room
  • (High Season Extra £200,00)
  • 2 Days Stay at Boutique Apartments in Capital Bangkok
  • 8 Days in Private Villas on Koh Chang Island
  • Healthy Meals with Juices and Smoothies
  • Trips and Trekking
  • Guide Escort from Home and Back


single in queen size room
  • (High Season Extra £200,00)
  • 2 Days Stay at Boutique Apartments in Capital Bangkok
  • 8 Days in Private Villas on Koh Chang Island
  • Healthy Meals with Juices and Smoothies
  • Trips and Trekking
  • Guide Escort from Home and Back

Low Season

March, April, May, June, July, August, September & Octobre

Burning Fat

High Season

November, December, January & February

Correcting Shape

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